Put the CHCHing back in your wallet!

skodis    June 11, 2014


Organization Name: CHCH

Industry: TV Broadcasting

Name of contact if available:

Kimberly Lamontagne,Marketing Coordinator – Social Media & Viewer Relations


Description of how social media is used for business performance

CHCH started broadcasting in Hamilton Ontario in 1954.  This TV station has produced more original news programming than any other local television station in North America.

One of their premier programs was Tiny Talent Time which ran from 1957 to 1992.

This 35 year run was hosted by Bill Lawrence who asked every week on the show “If I could snap my fingers, and grant you a wish, what would it be?”.

Bill Lawrence


Every kid wanted to be on the show and we all watched it faithfully every Sunday. As a matter of fact Bill lived next door to my aunt and I was always trying to get his attention to get on the show. I guess that cat juggling was not a real talent.

Well, fast forward many years and CHCH is celebrating 60 years strong. What better way to celebrate than engaging your customer by reimaging one of its most loved programs and linking the new Tiny Talent Time to their newly  launched customer loyalty program – CHCHing.

In February it was announced that Tiny Talent Time was returning to CHCH for a September air date. There have been over 500 auditions scheduled and the TV show is all over social media. Nostalgia is driving this plan to success.

A few months later CHCH launched its loyalty points program. The program which is well explained by two of their core anchor team members.


     Matt Hayes   &    Leslie Stewart

The theme of the loyalty program is “Watch. Surf. Share. Earn Free Rewards.”

To earn points the user can:

  • watch news clips and provide comments/feedback
  • email an article to CHCH for publishing or investigation
  • stream news on your computer
  • share news and videos on social media – Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest
  • watch a partner videos online
  • watch special programs like each episode of the new Tiny Talent Time

Then redeem those points for cool rewards and chances to win a getaway and even an all-new Nissan Micra.

 Lessons for others

Engage your customers:

  • encourage their contribution in conversations
  • use an easily understood process
  • make it fun and entertaining
  • enable easy connection to others
  • acknowledge and reward the input
  • connect with their life experiences

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