Nokia Actively Communication with Employees Worldwide

emilievandijk    June 5, 2014

Organization Name: Nokia

Industry: Cell Phone Provider

Name of Contact: Phil Schwarzmann, Editor-in-Chief of Nokia Conversations.


Nokia’s company’s motto is connection people and exploring ways to enhance communication. With a communication team that was set up in 2008, they began to improve their inter-company communication and engaging the remaining of their employees engaged with the company. As a team they have made an effort to make it possible to share knowledge among their 125,000 employees around the world. There of their more popular tools to achieve this include:

  1. BlogHub, which is Nokia’s most powerful and effective social media tool that is a platform available to all Nokia employees around the world and is their most effective Nokia_BlogHubform of internal employee communication. BlogHub offers a number of different topics and media for employees to communicate about. It helps the Nokia employees share thoughts and opinions on topics with fellow employees who share common interests and ideas. BlogHub has proven to not only be beneficial in collecting important information and feedback about the company directly from the employees, but also helps with the flow of creativity. BlogHub gives every Nokia employee the opportunity to voice their opinions, thoughts and ideas.
  2. Internally, Nokia uses platforms for the employees including; VideoHub which allows for postings to be updated on a daily basis, as well as Nokia’s Infopedia wiki allows for easy collaboration and knowledge sharing among employees inside the company.
  3. Nokia Conversations is a tool to get employees in-the-know about the latest Nokia product news. Their communications team tracks the number of readers each post collects. It is known as the best way to see what is going on within the company by big giving an overview of all the topics going on at Nokia.

Lessons for Others:

In addition to the advantages presented by an internal form of communication for employees, BlogHub creates a community that is managed not by the company’s executives but by all of its members.

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Submitted By: Emilie van Dijk, University of Waterloo

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