Freescale: Supply chain management using social media in B2B

joanne.kiskis    June 26, 2014

Organization Name: Freescale Semiconductor
Industry: Embedded processing solutions, silicon vendor

Supply chain management is described as the flow of goods from point of origin to point of consumption. It’s also the interconnected networks and channels along the way that are important. And often for companies in the business to business (B2B) arena, the connection and collaboration between networks and channels become one of THE most important parts of their supply chain. B2B relies heavily on channel partners and distributors to be educated, informed and interested in order to collaborate effectively and ultimately to push business growth forward.

More and more companies are discovering that social media can be a tool to encourage and foster collaboration within their supply chain. Although it’s still growing, many companies are starting to use their social media properties to really connect and integrate with technology partners, distributors, industry publications and specialized events groups.

Freescale Semiconductor, is a global leader in embedded solutions well known for their innovation and collaboration in the embedded market, with silicon products used in industries such as automotive, consumer, industrial, medical industries, and more. They have a significant partner network to collaborate with respect to technology and as well a more than impressive distribution network. Freescale relies on their channel and distributor partners to collaborate technologically to leverage challenges in the marketplace to their advantage.

Freescale tweet re Oracle technology collaboration

Freescale tweet about Oracle and technology collaboration

With over 18,000 followers on twitter, and following over 1200, Freescale has connected their network together over social media. By following key strategic partners (such as Windriver, Greenhills, Enea and more), industry publications (such as EE Times, UBM Tech Electronics, Design News and more), industry standards bodies and consortiums (such as IEEE standards association, GENIVI alliance and more), and industry event groups (such as embedded world, MD&M Events, ARM Techcon, RTECC and more), Freescale has started building an integrated network to foster collaboration. This is especially true for them Freescale also has followers within these same industry groups mentioned above (such as Advantech, Infineon, Automotive World M2M congress, and many more).

And what’s even better, when Freescale posts content about technology partnerships to create successful solutions in the market, or how they are participating in industry events, or mention industry publications – everybody wins as the connections become more integrated and information engages the network.

Freescale tweet re Designing with Freescale

Freescale twitter post promoting an event for customers to attend Designing with Freescale, hosted with key ecosystem partners

Freescale tweet re industry pubs and events

Freescale tweet mentioning industry publication; Freescale tweet about attending an industry event

Or even as one simple example (Freescale has hundreds of product and industry related videos available for viewing in their nicely crafted youtube channel, with over 3700 subscribers) by posting videos that showcase technology partnerships, again the connections within their network and industry become all the more inter-linked.

Lessons Learned

Connect to your network – along with encouraging followers (likes or subscribers) in your customer base, make sure you are following all your key players in your partner and/or distributor channels, across the social media platforms that make sense for your business.

Foster co-marketing across social media – the more you post content that relates to successful collaboration, the engagement and sharing of that information only grows and the integration of networks are strengthened.

By using social media, if done properly, allows the presentation of a brand (appropriate per company and per industry) through connecting integrated networks. Companies can not only build awareness, but also build a growing credibility within that network and beyond to their potential and current customers as being a trusted adviser and partner.

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