Food for thought, literally: Whole Foods uses Foko to foster employee collaboration

joanne.kiskis    June 5, 2014

Organization Name: Whole Foods
Industry: Food services
Name of contact: Ryan Amirault, Senior Social Media Program Manager

Whole Food Market has been providing North America with natural and organic foods since 1980. And the culture behind the Whole Foods mission of healthy living is collaboration and innovation.


Collaboration via public photo sharing, like Instagram, didn’t seem to be the right way to go for employees of Whole Foods, as they needed a way to share ideas across the regional locations without giving away company secrets. The decision to go with FoKo, a new photo-sharing app, allowed Ryan Amirault, senior social media program manager, to use social media to foster collaboration within the company.

“Being able to share photos in this way is a game changer,” Amirault explains in a blog post. We suddenly can see what others are doing in real-time, collaborate on those ideas and constantly make improvements. Our employees are really excited about this way of working together and how it helps them better serve our customers.”

Within the first 90-days of the Foko adoption by Whole Foods, they had over 1000 employees across 12 locations sharing ideas among functional groups as well as with the corporate marketing department. Merchandising details of a new store are documented and shared for easy application to any other store. This kind of sharing across the store locations helps the brand to be consistent, but also allows the staff to feel connected to each other as they uphold that brand.

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Submitted By: Joanne Kiskis, SMBP Student, University of Waterloo
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