The Future Of Social Media

Sarah    November 20, 2013

 Can anyone predict what the future holds? Where will social media be in the future?

 Social media has moved from just networking to a way of life. We are now a technologically driven age and currently at the cusp of social media. We are able to determine that platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and the list goes on and on have taken the world by storm. Personal and business relationships have evolved and flourished based on the power of social media. It is my belief that social media will not only be essential, it will be everything and directly determined by the next generation of youths.

The expanding growth in the use of Social Media platforms have created new opportunities for products and services as consumers are now demanding a faster more ‘real-time’ response. The businesses which are listening and are quick to innovate with new product enhancements gain market share when recommended by consumers on the various platforms. Video and mobile devices are new frontiers and apps for smart phones, flash broadband makes it easier for people to get connected faster. Optical Pattern Recognition, Vine videos and Snap Chat. Privacy will continue to be an issue for users of social networking.

We can expect to see ‘Things being connected’ as well such as small circuit board in pets, in people. Geomagnetic sensors, RFID, Tag and transponders. Business to Business applications instead of mass communications, a more targeted advertising program with recognition of Thought Leadership generating leads which will convert to sales.

I believe Social Media will continue to be used to make the world a better place. It is a powerful tool for organizations to reach and mobilize crowds to benefit the many good causes in the world e.g.; the environment, local communities as well as major world events that require immediate action.

There are different views about whether the existing data giants, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube will grow stronger or whether smaller data platforms will compete for targeted groups for constructive and effective conversations. As social media becomes progressively more important our current laws of privacy, image rights and anything that we post will need to be changed. Online bullying, identity theft the list goes on.

Lessons for others:

It is my conclusion that Social media is the way of the future because we will be more inclined to use our technical devises 24/7 which will lead to any kind of breaking news or important information of our interest being at our finger tips. This will also be an excellent marketing tool as it will be a seamless integration into our daily lives.

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