The Future Of Social Media Is In The Word…Social!

LyndseyEhgoetz    November 20, 2013

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” –Helen Keller

When I sat down to think about what I thought the future of social media will be; I thought about what needs to be done in order to have a successful Social Media Strategy.  The real fact of the matter is; the future is in the word SocialMerriam Webster defines the word Social as, “relating to or involving activities in which people spend time talking to each other or doing enjoyable things with each other.” This is exactly what Social Media is.  The very meaning of Social is what I believe the future of Social Media will be.  What was once a job for one person, whether in Public Relations or Marketing, is now a role that is done by entire teams of people and from all areas within organizations.  Julia Campbell defines the future of Social Media in the best way possible, “I think the future is breaking down silos. Organizations and companies need to stop hiring one person to “do social media” and then brush them aside and expect great results. Social media is everyone’s responsibility – it cannot be done in a silo” (Julia Campbell, 7 Questions on Social Media with Julia Campbell).

Many organizations are now starting to realize that the role of Social Media is an important component of their marketing strategy which requires the participation of all team members.  Heidi Cohen clearly identifies fifteen roles one needs to fill on their social media team, “from an organizational perspective, your social media team should provide a well-rounded view of your company to the public” (Social Media Is A Team Effort).  This means, businesses need to start involving not just Public Relations and Marketing people, but rather a wide range of people who fill other roles throughout the company.  If we are trying to be as transparent as possible to our audience, involving a wide range of team members from various areas of the company certainly is the key to success.


I see many businesses coming to the conclusion that Social Media is a far larger aspect of business than was originally believed. More and more companies will see the success of Social Media within their business and the limelight will be on Social Media and the team that runs it.  Bob Apollo confirms this in his blog post on, “…business social media is too important to be left to the marketing department alone – it requires a team effort between marketing, sales and other customer-facing employees” (B2B Social Media Requires A Team Effort Between Marketing And Sales).  Each member of the team can bring their own area of expertise to the table.  I see this helping in many facets, from social media content calendar planning, to answering customer service issues, to product design.  Sales team members also have valuable input and with their expertise, sales are sure to increase.

Social Media is just that-it is social.  What makes it social is the team that is working together towards one goal-a successful social media plan that engages an audience and gives positive measurable results.  I see this aspect of social media coming together in my own job.  I believe that when we all put our minds, hearts and goals together, we are far better at providing the world of social media a focused, positive and transparent view of our organizations.

Lessons for others:

  • Social Media teams should be a holistic approach.  The more people from various areas of the company the more diverse content provided.
  • Experts from every area of business should be represented on the social media team-we are all experts in our own areas and can social media can thrive on the input of many “experts”.
  • Making social media a social experience amongst team members will allow your business to be projected to the social media universe in a “well-rounded” manner.
  • One of the primary goals of any social media strategy should be transparency.  This is achieved through involving as many aspects of your business as you possibly can.

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Submitted By: Lyndsey Ehgoetz, SMBP Student, University of Waterloo.

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