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Sarah    November 16, 2013


How can we increase sales leads? How do we develop a consumer driven product? exemplifies the practice of leveraging social computing principles and technologies to support the product development process, innovation and business goals, programs and resources. They do this through various products such as sales, service and exact target marketing cloud, salesforce platform, chatter and

Sales cloud generates sales opportunities and leads for your companies target market. This results in company’s savings by lowing their research and development costs to acquire the opinion and wants/ needs of their target market during the development process of a new product. The sales cloud includes real time sales collaboration tool called sales force chatter. It provides sales representatives with a comprehensive customer profile, account history and provides an overview of the selling process.

“You don’t need a billion dollar company to deliver great customer service, all you need is” Brian Spaly, CEO, Trunk Club. The service cloud in essence is like the hub. It tracks incoming customer feedback and automatically roots and filters the important and prevalent information to the necessary areas of the company. This unique hub allows customers to have the ability to track their own input. This gives both the company and its target market a more hands on approach and join the conversation.

ExactTarget is a cloud marketing platform which has been used by more than 6,000 companies to manage their digital marketing. By combining ExactTarget’s leading digital marketing capabilities with’s leading sales, service and social marketing solutions, will create a world-class marketing platform across email, social, mobile and the web this will enable marketers to integrate customer data from any source to power digital marketing campaigns across multiple channels, all while leveraging sophisticated marketing automation capabilities. is essentially a customer relationship management application which connects both companies and consumers throughout the product development and design process. This new interactive way of leveraging your company increases sales revenues, lead conversion, ultimate customer satisfaction and faster more comprehensive deployment.

Lessons for others:
– The companies that embrace have experienced lower product development costs, faster product adoption, higher market share and improved product revenue.

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