Summer Infant: Connecting, Supporting And Listening To Parents

LyndseyEhgoetz    October 16, 2013


As a mother, I research nearly everything I purchase for my daughter.  I do this because I want to be sure that I am making the right investment and I want to know that it will serve its purpose properly.  Upon a recent search for a toddler bed rail, I came across Summer Infant’s new website.  The new website design features videos, customer polls, and a wide variety of information for parents including tips and trends.  You can bet I have also “liked” them on Facebook as well.

Jason Macari, President and CEO of Summer Infant explains the recent changes to the website and social media channels, “Our overarching goal in launching a redesigned website is to provide a concise yet informative place for parents to learn more about product options, provide safety tips, and to further engage site users by sharing online and on social media channels”. These changes have been pertinent in keeping up with a new generation of parents.  In my search for the right toddler bed rail, I was able to consult the website and Facebook page for information and potentially ask Summer Infant any questions I had before I officially decided to make the purchase.

The baby products industry is one in which parents take comfort in consulting one another, view blogs, product videos and engage in online Twitter and Facebook conversations, all before making a purchase. David Coletto of Abacus Data Insider speaks to “Feedback Marketing”, engages parents and their need to provide feedback on products that they use every day.  “Feedback marketing builds trust. It demonstrates that your brand is authentic and honest. Build an online community who can become influencers for your brand, teach you things about their lives, and help you to serve their needs better. Feedback marketing is for market-oriented brands and is a powerful tool for marketing to Millennials.”

Summer Infant released a video on their YouTube channel demonstrating the use and effectiveness of their Connect Internet Baby Camera Set.  The video appeals to mothers who are returning to work, and the video plays on the emotions of mothers who wish they could be at home with their baby.  The product illustrates that moms can see their baby while on the go, at work and even in a cab on the way home from work.  The product promises that mothers will not miss a cute giggle or a burp as long as their tuned in! After watching the video, I must admit, I am SOLD!

Summer Infant has been fantastic at engaging their customers through their Facebook page-starting conversations as well as replying promptly to customer service issues.  Engaging with customers on Facebook in a swift manner is what parents are looking for.  These customer service issues with products affect our most precious children; and a sense of urgency is often a feeling among parents when they require more information and direct communication with a customer representative.  Facebook is a perfect tool to engage parents as phone calls often do not work well with children at home.  Mobile social media access has also improved the rate at which parents and companies can interact, bridging the communication gap that can occur with busy parents and baby product companies.

Ultimately, as parents, we want advice, information and the ability to provide as much product feedback as possible.  Summer Infant’s new online marketing changes have brought them to a new level with their customers, allowing them to be transparent in their efforts to provide top quality baby products that parents will need to use throughout their child’s life.  Keeping the conversation going means parents are engaged, and therefore, more products sold.

Lessons for others:

  • Parents want to share their experiences and stories with products. If they love it or hate it they will want to speak about it on social media.
  • The new generation of parents are all about feedback conversations on Facebook, Twitter and commenting on blogs is how we communicate and make decisions to purchase.
  • Companies that sell baby products can increase sales by being the place parents go for advice, tips and tricks which helps to build a trusting relationship with the brand.


Abacus Data Insider



Submitted By: Lyndsey Ehgoetz, SMBP Student, University of Waterloo

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