Empowering Employees with Social Media Intel-ligently

jaimieshort    October 9, 2013

Organization Name: Intel

Industry: Computer Hardware

Intel’s social media presence spans many different platforms. It is extremely well-connected on Facebook and Twitter with strong followings in each outlet. Furthermore, various wikis and blogs are directed its various products and internal communication for Intel employees. However, Intel has recognized that social media is changing the way that it needs to interact with its customers globally and recognizes that it must respond to these new trends.

Intel has over 80,000 employees globally. Successfully engaging an international fleet of employees to connect on various social media platforms is no easy feat but Intel has shown that it is possible. It has made it easy to get employees involved through building new training programs and establishing clear-cut social guidelines.

Earlier on this year, Intel build a new training program: a Social Media Boot-camp for employees. They attempted to break down artificial silos between employees and their evolving social media strategies. Many employees felt that social media was limited to teens who over-shared their daily activities but after getting hands-on with various tools and immersing themselves in social media from a professional context, they developed a new respect for its power. Employees were now comfortable with the tools they had been given and could see the potential it had for making connections and strengthening the Intel brand.

A general manager at Intel, Michelle Johnston Holthaus, shares her supportive thoughts on the Social Media Boot Camp, “The way we do marketing is changing. To run a truly social business you need every single employee on board with understanding not only your vision and your strategy, but how customers communicate online. And then you need to empower your employees to listen to and engage with customers where they are, on their terms.”

Once employees have completed Intel social media training, they are expected to follow the Intel Social Media Guidelines. These simple guidelines tell employees how to appropriately engage customers and represent themselves (and Intel) on social media outlets. Intel views employee access to social media a workplace privilege that is earned and not a right.

There are three key guidelines that employees must respect when posting on various social media platforms: disclose, protect and use common sense.


Lessons for others

Social media in the workplace can be successful if you give employees the tools they need; proper education, responsibilities and guidelines. Intel is empowering their employees to use social media through Boot Camps and clear-cut guidelines to improve their relationships with customers.

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Submitted By: Jaimie Short, University of Waterloo SMBP Student.

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