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jsums15    July 11, 2013

doctors-social-mediaSocial media has drastically changed the way in which we live our lives, and it has created opportunities in places that nobody would have ever thought of. We can now find our “soulmates”, sell and purchase items, interact with companies and bond with friends over these diverse platforms. With so many options available to us through social media, I would love to know what will come next.

According to an article about social media and healthcare, healthcare systems are beginning to embrace the use of social media. The author states:

“Social media is becoming more and more utilized by hospitals and medical professionals as a means to convey general health information, sometimes even personalized help.”

The fact that MD’s are moving online to where their patients are is wonderful. But other uses of social networks for medical purposes might be considered questionable by some. Not only could privacy become a concern, but the general idea of reaching out to someone other than your doctor for an answer about a medical question, could even be potentially dangerous.

Social networks and apps surrounding healthcare have become increasingly popular lately, and it makes me wonder if consulting apps and peers for medical advise will be the new big thing in the future. RXMatch is a new social network that allows users to connect with others who share the same medical diagnosis as them. Users can share their symptoms and how they’re feeling.They can discover and monitors the possible types of treatments available to them, and discuss with others what works and what doesn’t.

Lessons for Others

The idea that some people are now choosing to seek medical advice and opinions through others who are not their doctors, might be alarming to some. I personally don’t believe that health is something that should be socialized over, but it’s clear that other people do. As long as these people are consulting a doctor as well as their social networking groups, this idea could definitely boom in the future.


The doctor will see you now: How the Internet and social media are changing healthcare
RXMatch Twitter

Submitted By: Jessica Kleiner, SMBP Student, University of Waterloo

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