Nextt Makes It Easy To Connect With Those Who Matter Most

nnn    July 10, 2013


Nextt is a social media start up that is developing a private social network for friends so they can connect online to do more together offline.


The application simplifies the social planning process by giving people tools to connect with friends around real-world events, experiences or outings. Currently, the most used planning tools are social networks, email chains or group messaging, and none of these are particularly efficient. Nextt’s platform allows people to rally their friends to see a movie, go for a hike, or coordinate a night out, and it simplifies all the back-and-forth communication. Nextt makes it easy for people to do more in the real world with the people who matter most.

Nextt is the next step in the evolution of social media,” said president and cofounder Mark McGuire in an exclusive interview with VentureBeat. “There is an incredible pressure to perform on social media today — to present a specific version of ourselves, to say and do all the right things, and to focus on what we’ve accomplished. We’re losing the ability to live in the moment

McGuire, who previously founded, and, spent his career in the tech world and watched as social media came to dominate people’s lives. This super-connectedness has had negative effects including:

  • Pressure to perform online
  • An inability to live in the moment as we digitally archive our lives
  • Difficulty in removing some connections (ie. high school classmates, former partners, etc.) from our friend list
  • Focus on Self that encourages narcissism and reduces empathy
  • Anxiety about maintaining hundreds of  digital relationships & little time for face to face relationships
  • Feelings of loneliness and isolation
  • A desire to spend more time doing things in the real world and less time online

Nextt will launch later this year.

Lesson for Others

If users are not already feeling social media fatigue, Nextt may be an option to make it easier for super-connected people to do more in the real world with their friends.  Just remember to turn off your device once you meet your friends in the real world, or you may get distracted & miss living in the moment!


Submitted by: Melanie Marsland, SMBP, University of Waterloo

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