How To Manage Big Data? Shokesu and Zyncro Could Tell Us How To Do It

olopezme    July 11, 2013

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We must accept it. The way we communicate today is completely different from the way we did 10 years ago and this is due mainly to two reasons: The contemporary technological environment and the development of social networks. Gone are the days when people had to expected to inform the newspaper in the morning to read the scores games of the night before or the classifieds at home while eating breakfast at home. At the end of the day the newspaper was just a bunch of obsolete paper with information that often was no longer useful. Today everything is completely different for the same reporting process can be performed at any time of day and in real time from a laptop, a cell phone or an iPod through social tools like Facebook or Twitter that offer the possibility of having information instantaneously. In fact, any of us can get married or divorced, and within seconds the whole world knows by simply changing our “Relationship Status” on Facebook or meet a new member of our family has come to this world on another continent through uploaded a photo just seconds.

The same is true with business. Today customer experiences with a particular product or a particular brand are much more intense, immediate and even intimate. Social networks have changed the role of information technology for automating business transactions simply facilitating them. The wealth of information produced by the interaction between a company and its customers may result in new opportunities to manage their marketing campaigns, product development, brand positioning and development of new distribution channels.

However, all this information should be organized. The Big Data, name given to all huge information flow, is the productive way to use the information available on social networking with strategic goals set by corporate media plan. That’s why the key to successful points to take advantage of this information depends on three aspects: data acquisition, processing and interpretation. That’s why new platforms have emerged recently that provide the ability to organize, process and display all the information stream.

Platforms like Zyncro and Sokeshu emerge as a possible solution. Shokesu allows companies to add profiles of customers or fans of the major social networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, also add RSS content type. Such information and profiles can be organized into different categories of classification.

Once organized all the information from the social networking company, Shokesu can manage and organize by tags, then to view all this information in an orderly manner, in thematic for the convenience of the company. The process can be openly or privately in case of crisis management that can immediately affect any aspect of the company. Zyncro works in a similar way by offering the ability to manage all social networks from a single platform for companies large and recognition as Telefónica, Volkswagen Audi Spain, Fiesta Hotel Group and La Caixa, among others.

In conclusion one could say that social networks have a secure future, and that will become indispensable source of information for new developments to ensure the correct interpretation of the great rivers of information that users provide. There, right in the information (tastes, needs and preferences) is the future of social networks by many years.

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