The Home Depot’s “Warehouse”

aryanaheit    June 20, 2013


In our modern society, most large and successful companies and corporations are made up of a web of interconnected networks that all work together to create a business. Each of these networks and connections are all valuable aspects of the business that help the raw product get from its beginning stage through its production, then to the retailer or store and finally to the consumer. The management of this web of networks is therefore extremely important, as it is crucial that these connections and networks continue to run smoothly and properly. Supply chain management is a growing area of a business that continues to gain influence and importance.

With the latest innovations in the technology world, social media has come to adopt many different purposes other than solely social and informal communications. Large corporations have started to realize how valuable social media tools can be when it comes to business performance. An article written on the rise of the use of social media tools for the improvement of supply chain management describes how using forms of social media within a supply chain networks can provide many benefits. These advantages include stronger relationships within the supply chain, greater availability, perception and clarity of information and a general improved efficiency of communications among connected but divergent areas found along the supply chain.


One company that has started to integrate its internal use of social media with supply chain management is The Home Depot. The Home Depot uses a private social media site that they call “The Warehouse” for internal communications. They discuss matters and issues that impact their company and use the site to increase and improve communications among the different aspects and areas of the business. Social media tools like “The Warehouse” provide large companies with the ability to have distant and different operations found within the business and their productions communicate more efficiently and provide more information with each other. This leads to a supply chain network that operates more fluently with stronger and improved connections and relationships within all fields involved with the company.

Lessons For Others

Although not yet universally implemented, the use of social media within the supply chain has many proven advantages. The value of this process involves enhanced communications, productivity, collaborations, and sharing of information within the supply chain. In order to have the growing networks of a supply chain operating without difficulty, the management of the supply chain must encompass the prime idea that communications are the top priority. With the help of social media sites like The Home Depot’s “Warehouse”, communications between all members of the supply chain operate more properly and efficiently, improving the fluency of operations within the business.

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