Something Is Happening at Houlihan´s

olopezme    June 27, 2013


The goal of any restaurant should focus on convincing the customer that at your site is going to offer the best dining experience possible. It is essential to know how to persuade him to decide to choose a particular proposal before any other. Once successful, the first step has already been taken but it is necessary awaken interest, offer dishes of excellent quality, design a suitable environment and provide an experience on every visit.




It is important to say that all this sounds quite interesting from the point of view of the client, but must also become the business owner you want to see as the return on investment can also be benefited from the strategy promoted in social networks. Houlihan is an American chain of casual dining restaurants with nearly 100 stores. Appealing to a very original and effective marketing campaign supported social networking platform called Ning (whose main characteristic is that anyone can create their own custom social network for a particular topic or need, targeting specific audiences), has designed a small consumer virtual community called HQ that has been growing at a rate significantly since its inception a few years ago.

Houlihan has made its social network a strategy to compete against an opponent much larger and more traditionally popular as it is Applebee. As they did? They have combined their social media campaign with direct marketing using email. Sending relevant and interesting information to your niche have built a community of over 10,000 members. Each of these members receive regular information and updated with exclusive discounts and promotions on special dates.

That is, converted to use social networks on a specific communication channel with a group of people who were selected according to criteria determined by the marketing department of the company, and only they are receiving the information. What you get with this? More loyal customers and more sales revenue for the company because as a recent Fast Company , Houlinan got increases to 12% in sales in a time when the entire industry has not only increased sales, but it has decreased 1%.


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Submitted by: Oscar Lopez– SMBP Student University of Waterloo
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