Nike Does Something New – Twitter RSVP

jsums15    June 5, 2013

Companies these days use social media for almost everything and anything. Employee involvement, customer engagement, marketing and much more. But using it as an actual tool to make sales – now that is something new. Nike has developed a new way to reach out to it’s consumers, by getting them involved on a whole other level.

Back in 2012, Nike implemented a completely new and unique way for customers to engage with and consume it’s products. Twitter RSVP, was creNikeTwitterated in order to help manage the launch of new shoes, by allowing customers to reserve the newest Nike products through Twitter. It was made to “level the playing field” – as new in-store shoe launches were becoming hectic and almost dangerous due to the amount of people that would swarm the stores. The experience of a new sneaker release was becoming a not so positive moment for those involved, and Twitter RSVP was Nike’s solution.

Unfortunately, the original RSVP system encountered some problems with computer robots hacking the system, but Nike recently came out with a new process that eliminates this issue.

Here’s how it works..

  1. Customer’s must first be following the location specific Nike store on Twitter (@NikeToronto)
  2. On the planned RSVP date – the Nike store will randomly tweet out that the product is available for reservation, providing customers with Captcha-image of a product-specific hashtag that is circledtwitter_rsvp_tweet
  3. Interested customers must then send a Direct Message to the store including the circled product-specific hashtag, their first and last name, and their shoe size
  4. A confirmation Direct Message will be sent back to customers who have successfully secured a spot
  5. Confirmed customers must then pick up their product on the same day, showing valid identification

You can read more about the Twitter RSVP process here.

 Lessons for Others

Finding new ways to create connections with customers continues to be a fun and exciting part of the emerging digital landscape. By allowing customers the chance to feel important and acknowledged, companies are developing deeper relationships with their target audience. This may help to increase their brand or product awareness, their knowledge of the consumer market, and even their sales revenue and shareholder value.

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Submitted By: Jessica Kleiner, SMBP Student, University of Waterloo

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