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nnn    June 26, 2013


KEEN Footwear is an outdoor shoe manufacturer based in Portland, Oregon. Early in 2011, KEEN recognized it needed a better way to measure, analyze, understand and improve its presence in social media. It was struggling to understand the metrics that really mattered and how to analyze these metrics to provide meaningful insight.

KEEN Footwear hired SwellPath, a digital marketing agency to help build a framework for social analytics to help KEEN understand their social media campaigns and help align their social media objectives with their business goals. The following buckets were identified which individual metrics could then be applied:

  • Authorship: A measure of the contribution a company makes to the conversation in social media.
  • Growth: A measure of how many people have chosen to receive a company’s social media marketing messaging.
  • Reach: A measure of the expansiveness of your social media marketing messages. How many users see the content.
  • Engagement: A measure of how many users actively engage with a company’s content.
  • Influence: A measure of a company’s ability to make content go viral, their influence on other users in social media.
  • Sentiment: The feeling towards a company or brand in social media. What others are saying about them.
  • Effect: A measure of how social media leads to off-network goals such as website conversions or in-store sales.




Once these buckets were created, KEEN was able to identify individual KPI’s within each bucket, set KPI goals and align all social analytics with these goals.




Impact on KEEN’s Business

By actively placing social media metrics into various buckets, setting goals and aligning analysis and recommendations towards those goals, KEEN was able to achieve fantastic results over a 10 month period.


  • Page Likes increased by 92%
  • Post Reach increased by 342%
  • Post Engagement increased by 137%
  • Average interactions per post increased by 117%
  • Active Users increased by 213%


  • Followers increased by 110%
  • Retweets increased by 49%
  • Mentions increased by 16%
  • Average interactions per Tweet increased 62%
  • A consistent 90% positive sentiment ratio

Lessons for Others

By identifying a combination of metrics and setting meaningful KPI’s, that align with corporate objectives or goals, companies like KEEN have been able to reach a higher level with social media marketing and advertising, regardless of the size of their competition.  It pays to be KEEN on measurement.


Submitted by: Melanie Marsland, SMBP, University of Waterloo

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