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jsums15    May 29, 2013

Since 2008, the Social Media Communications Team at Nokia has been dedicated to the use of social media internally in order to keep employees involved. The main goal of the team is to

Encourage the use of social media internally to bring out the company’s unique authentic voice and to engage in social media externally on behalf of Nokia, and contributing to product and service announcements by opening up a dialogue and driving online engagement.  Nokia’s Internal Communication Driven by Social Media

Nokia-social-media-timelineNokia Social Media Timeline

As shown above, Nokia uses many different platforms in order to promote this inter-company communication. A few of the most commonly used are:

BlogHub: Allows employees their own internal blog. An interactive collaboration tool that flattens the organizational hierarchy and  encourages employees to share ideas, opinions and knowledge on topics they find relevant to themselves or to the company. Includes a search engine that allows users to look up information they deem useful, as well as a voting system that allows employees to rate posts. Gives management an effective way to gather employee feedback.

VideoHub: A collaborative tool that allows employees to watch and share videos.

SocialCast: A type of wiki tool that is mix between Facebook and Twitter. It is designed for smaller snippets and quick questions and eliminates the need for back and forth emails.

Socialcast enables open and transparent conversations across the company and everyone can benefit from questions that gets answered. Social Media Week – Inside Nokia

Nokia has proved to do a great job of keeping employees engaged and involved within the company. By doing so, it is ensuring that employees have access to all the resources they need, which in turn helpes to create a happy and positive work environment.

Nokia at Social Media Week 2012 – Video


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