Instructions Manual For Social Media?

olopezme    May 29, 2013

It is known to all that the use of social media by employees of a particular company can become so prevalent that even in working hours many people can spend some time reviewing some of the photos of your contacts, updating states or just to see who is online.

This situation could be used to channeled in the generation of some spaces during working hours to discuss, disseminate and share some of the philosophy, methods and achievements of the company. This possibility could be quite interesting as it would involve the employees and would give themselves the opportunity to participate by expressing new and refreshing ideas that can benefit the workplace and the degree of commitment to the company. What could be do with this? Increase productivity, discover or develop talents and facilitating communication among the members of the company, among others issues.

However, it is necessary to define a framework for the contents of this kind of entrepreneurship and have clear and specific goals. For this reason, we must look to establish a kind of “Instructions Manual” for the proper use of social media by which it communicates a specific company.
This manual should be key aspects that generate the necessary guidelines, starting with identifying those employees who have a great ability to manage social networking making very clear the difference between the material published in the official media of the company and personal use of individual accounts for each employee. One could think that the group is leading a process of this type is composed of personnel from different areas of the company so that all areas are involved in the idea. As I noted earlier, it is very important that this work has clear objectives in terms of transparency, restraint and value creation, which is the reason for the management of such projects.

Oscar Lopez, May 2013