Blogs – Not just for documenting your meals

barryrooke    May 29, 2013

When you hear the word “blog” you think personal, online material like Paperback Writer or Janelle Evans type blogs.  But the use of blog by an organization can go much further than just talking about their own product for marketing purposes,  it can also create historical data and organizational memory.


CJSF is a campus/community radio station located in Burnaby BC which uses a blog style archive on blogspot to document all the information you could use as a new or long-term on-air programmer (volunteers).  Radio stations like CJSF are run by a small staff who has very little time and resources to provide one-on-one training to its volunteers and members, but the archival blog makes it so much easier and time efficient.  “I can always send them a link to a particular item I want them to know about”, says Frieda Werden, the Spoken Word/Public Affairs Coordinator at CJSF who moderates the blog.


In a volunteer run organization where staff, board of directors and team leaders turn over often, it becomes critical to catalog mistakes, identify hard work and provide instructions for the next generation of users. “It is a long-term storage for training information” says Frieda.

The CJSF blog dates back to February of 2008.  The station also runs Twitter and Facebook accounts for its programmers (and members) and has no plans on stopping.

Submitted by: Barry Rooke – SMBP Student University of Waterloo
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