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anguyen44    March 22, 2013

Have you ever wondered what will be the future of the social media phenomenon?  Today we promote our businesses on social media as social brands, using the age-old traditional way of broadcasting messages and “liking” each other’s pages. What about if we began to shift our thinking to become a ‘Social Business’?

Leaders of organizations would begin to recognize, redefine, and provide exceptional client service experience by being proactive and differentiating their businesses from other less-progressive companies. As social media works now, people share information and opinions worldwide, whereas in the future, we could look into how people connect to companies and help them succeed.

Social Business means that every department integrates their social capabilities into traditional business processes to impact how work gets done to create value. A Social Business would utilize social software technology to communicate with its rich ecosystem of clients, business partners and employees.


Take a look at IBM’s social website and web services called “Voices”.  “Voices is a real-time data service that showcases live social feeds of IBMers who are experts in big data, mobile, social business, cloud, cognitive computing and much more. Voices then marries the individuals’ thoughts with IBM’s company feeds (@IBM, @SmarterPlanet, @IBMResearch, etc.), as well as a word cloud that shows visitors what’s trending via data visualization technology originating from IBM Research.”


IBM’s process represents a true evolution of the new wave of social media. It enables businesses to collaborate, innovate, and stay connected to the networks around them.  This shows IBM’s true authentic, “people-centric approach to social business”. Thus, it is possible for a social business to perhaps replace or reunite with the traditional ‘Company’ pages.

Lessons for Others:

Businesses need to build and share expertise to be competitive. In this way they influence customers and create an immediate identity.  It’s important to stand out from the crowd and to find new ways to encourage interaction with their followers, increase their brand presence, and to ride a new wave for the future of social media. Technology is moving rapidly and so are the consumers using it, thus, companies need to stay in tune with what’s trending and be able to quickly adapt to the changes that may happen.

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Submitted by: Anna Nguyen – SMBP Student University of Waterloo
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