Measure Twice, Cut Once

jreed    March 14, 2013

The saying measure twice, cut once applies not only to construction, but to the world of social media too. In other words, do your measurements and analysis and you will have success.

According to Jeff Nolan, in its most pure form social media monitoring is both listening and responding to social channels.  Hasbro recently tapped into this fact with its Monopoly Save Your Token campaign.

In a ploy to keep the Monopoly game relevant and top of mind for fans, especially young people, they opened up token voting to the public. Hasbro suggested five options; the cat, a diamond ring, a helicopter, a guitar and a robot. As people voted to save their favourite piece, a passionate online conversation ensued.

Through social media monitoring Hasbro was also able to see who was talking about them and jump on board with other brands to further push the hype as they lobbied to save tokens related to their businesses, including one online shoe retailer, Zappos.

Monopoly image










If Hasbro’s goal was to elevate the Monopoly brand, they hit the nail on the head. They achieved the buzz they wanted, for very low cost and adapted communications to match the conversations as they unfolded around the world.

Lessons for Others:

A Brand Journalist for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Jason Boies gives three lessons marketers can learn from the Monopoly campaign:

  • Let the Fans Drive Web Buzz- people want to hear from people, not corporations.
  • Join Forces with Other Brands- if it makes sense, share your story or campaign with others.
  • Monitoring Your Campaign (Before, During, and After)-this is a must for all social marketers. You can never know too much about your reputation and what your customers are saying.

One final lesson we must remember is to allow our customers to have open dialogue and interaction with us and each other will ultimately lead to positive brand perception and credible influence.

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Submitted by: Jennifer Reed – SMBP Student University of Waterloo
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