Learn Through Videos and What Jack Dorsey Really Have to Say About Square.

avazhang    March 21, 2013

Recently, I watched a video on the OpenCourse website in China on my tablet about a presentation called “The Power of Curiosity and Inspiration” for Stanford University by the founder of Twitter. His name is Jack Dorsey, and he worked in a company as a programmer before working for his own company. In the presentation, he introduced a new product from the company called “Square”. The square is a substitute for credit card machines for personal or business uses, and you will be surprised to know that a product like the basic Square costs nothing and it is so useful and so convenient at the same time.


OpenCourse is a project to provide free education to everyone who have access to the internet . It’s most common form is iTuneU. If you do a search on the ITune store, you will be able to watch lectures on various subjects from a huge number of institutes filmed at different times. This service is completely free, therefore it attracts a great number of users online to watch these lectures to gain more education. You can share the videos on Twitter and Facebook, but more often, people watch them directly from the source. In a generation where education has been made free, I am glad to be open for new information to flow in and through. From these videos, which may be shared through social media websites, I learned a lot about one product- Square.

Square is valued as one of the World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies in 2012 and is worth $3.25 billion with 400 employees for a company that started 3 years ago in May 2010. We have to look at the power of social media to understand the example of Square, a start up company so fast in terms of growth and marketing. And we don’t need to look further to see a simple way of how I get to know the company, the story behind the founder, and the wonderful Square product all at once.


I think the presentation is a wonderful tool to get  audience who are interested in your product and what you say. According to Cisco Visual Networking Index , two thirds of the world’s mobile data will be video by 2017.  Even though it is only an optimistic estimation for the video viewing on mobile devices, more and more companies are doing videos for their fans or followers in hopes of promoting their business. Right now, video marketing is a trend as more of the content on TV are put on video hosting websites.The well-known example of successful video marketing is Old Spice’s online campaign on youtube, which increased their sales by 107%. .



Finally, after watching the Jack Dorsey’s video on Opencourse, I order a Square from their website right away. I also let my manager at work know about Square and it is very useful to make a sale or payment with square. I am thankful for this amazing product from Twitter and for the video which let me hear about Jack Dorsey’s company in details. i am sure you will find it amazing to listen to, too!