Functions Is The Solution to The Complex Supply Chain Issue

avazhang    March 7, 2013


Kinnek is a social media website with easy, accessible product supply information that are unmatching to the traditional B2B platforms. It is easy to use because of the slick user interface and noticeably multifunctional website. Meanwhile, the website offers business users with supplier’s information and a useful search bar, so buyers can compare the suppliers or contact them through messages to achieve understanding of what suppliers can offer. The special request to find out more about a product is called a “quote” and the process of submitting a quote is simple. This unique social media function enables the buyers to build trustable relationship between the suppliers and buyers and buy only from the suppliers that they are satisfied with. Also, the shared resources  effectively cut down the amount of time consumed by the business customers to find the right product at lowest possible cost. By doing this, the high cost of business supplies  and equipments can be lowered through the buying from the website which is designed for simplicity, flexibility and efficiency.


Kinnek is a game changer in the B2B market development. The socially active B2B site is very successful because it has handled over $27 million in purchase request, which made it the top competitors for larger B2B websites like Amazon Supply and Ebay Business Exchange. The B2B market had been esitmated to grow since 1999 from $131 billion to an total number between $2.7 trillion and $7.3 trillion by 2004 according to this news article. Kinnek has done a wonderful job to take on the leader of creating a user friendly form of making a transaction.


It is recognizable that the two owners of kinnek are both undergraduate students in the US with education and experience in computer engineering and specialities in user experience and economics. (Foreign source)



It is free to sign up! Kinnek charges supplier a small amount of fee when the user makes a quote for the suppliers.