Kobo Knows Everything. How Indigo transformed from selling to the Bookworms, to to Internet Surfers.

avazhang    February 21, 2013

Kobo has launched a contest on Twitter that increased the company’s twitter follower by 43%. There is a lot of people on Twitter and Facebook today, and the power of readers’ engagement to boost companies’s future sales is huge. People have jumped from the basic buying-and-selling encounters to developing friendship and love for the moments of engaging with their buyers.


Kobo is an free reading software that runs on smartphones and web browsers and after customer download or purchase an ebook, they can read but also see interesting data and feedbacks about their reading life, such as hours spent each day on a book and peak hours for reading within certain time. What’s more interesting to learn about is that the data can be shared on users’ Facebook and Twitter accounts for fun for other people on the social network to join in the reading club.


Twitter contest, for example, has successfully driven the company, Kobo, which is owned the large corporate that selling real books, Indigo, to win customers’s loyalty. The contest rules specifically allows twitter account holders to enter the contest by writing a tweet about one of their favourite book titles. However, some uses Twitter to send out 10 or 20 books that they recommend according to Neil Bhapkar,Online Marketing Manager at Kobo. Twitter has encouraged customers to buy and learn about the books that they buy from other customers. It’s a win-win for both the company and the customers.



The customer engagement such as the in-app stats along with Kobo’s twitter contest that attracted wide interest among users. The seemingly new reading style has been completely accepted by older and younger generations with a lot or zero background in technology. It’s even more exciting than reading a real book because of the social functions that traditional book readers can not experience.


Kobo has reached 4.9 million worldwide users by 2011 according to Dough Picklyk, surpassing any competitor because of the successful social engagement as part of the service it have been providing since 2010. Will Kobo become the next iTune store for books and surprise the world with another new way to socialize for the book lovers in the new year? We will have our eyes and ears open for it.


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Submitted by: Ava Zhang,  SMBP Student University of Waterloo
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