High Profile Employees Up the Social Engagement Ante

jreed    February 14, 2013

Taylor SwiftHigh profile celebrity endorsers are nothing new- we all recognize the Snapple Lady and Jared from Subway. With the advent of social media, celebrity reach can push products even further in the minds of consumers.

And this is what many major companies are betting on. Just ask Beyoncé or will.i.am. Their employment is seen a lucrative for both parties.

According to Stephanie Marcus, Features Editor on Mashable, “the public, having grown wary of traditional advertising, has become more difficult to convince. That’s where the brand ambassador — the person who creates a sense of credibility, likability or interest — comes in. And while “real people” acting as the face of a huge brand is nothing new, the age of social media has made a compelling case for marketers to choose this route over traditional advertising”.

Will.i.amBut what to do if your budget is a few zeros short of millions? Don’t worry if you don’t have the big bucks for this kind of brand ambassador. Your CEO and staff are rock stars too!

Tracey Sen of FTI Consulting says “research conducted by BRANDfog concerning CEOs and social media revealed that customers trust companies more and are more inclined to buy from them if their CEO uses social media”.  Looks like there’s hope for us all.

Lessons for Others:

Employees involved in social media strengthen your relationships with them and your customers. Look for ways to have employees contribute. Some criteria to look for when choosing your ambassadors are who has time to contribute, who will support them such as a communications team, and do they have expertise and interest in the brand. Identify those who’s personalities shine through.

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Submitted by: Jennifer Reed – SMBP Student University of Waterloo
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