Coca-Cola’s Leading Edge Product Development Innovation

i_hub_com    February 27, 2013


Coca-Cola a Global Leading Beverage Company Embraces Product Innovation

The Coca-Cola Company, incorporated in September 1919, a global leading beverage company with over 500 brands recently introduced its ground breaking product innovation Coca-Cola Freestyle™  a revolutionary, new, interactive touch screen fountain capable of creating more than 100 beverage options at your fingertips available in a matter of seconds!


Declared by Forbes as one of the coolest products of the decade, Coca-Cola Freestyle combines art, science, entertainment and design.  Coca-Cola Freestyle creates brands by blending concentrated beverage ingredients with water and sweetener at the point where the beverage is dispensed, via proprietary PUREPOUR TECHNOLOGY™.


Product Innovation Leadership Lessons from Coca-Cola

The first key lesson for other companies is leading edge innovation is about thinking outside of the box.  “Coca-Cola Freestyle represents a complete departure from anything consumers have experienced before,” says Nicola Kettlitz, President, Coca-Cola Ltd.

Leading edge technology can play a key role in achieving Product Innovation breakthroughs. The state-of-the-art technology used by Coca-Cola provides unparalleled opportunities to engage and interact with consumers while they continue to provide the high quality, great tasting beverages they are known for.  Technologies used included; microdispensing technology, Coca-Cola’s proprietary PurePour technology and RFID chips used to detect its supplies and to radio resupplying needs.

Partnering with non-traditional industry leading suppliers and experts can provide opportunities for unprecedented product innovation.  As an example, Coca-Cola Freestyle™  cabinetry design was created in partnership via a non traditional supplier Italian automotive & industrial design giants Pininfarina.

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