Victoria Secret Uses The Power of “Fans”

corrieabird    November 2, 2012
Victoria Secret 20 Million Facebook Fans

Victoria Secret 20 Million Facebook Fans

In October 2012 – Victoria Secret achieved over 20 Million Facebook likes. From their likes they now have over 450 thousand consumers taking about their products on Facebook. The Victoria Secret Facebook page gives the company a cost effective way to market to millions via the news feed. The news feed has been proven to be an effective marketing tool for Victoria Secret. They recognize the power of “Like” to activate discussions as well as the power of their “Fans” to share & recommend their products online.

In order to capitalize on their social media success they partnered with TheFind, on an application called Glimpse. Glimpse allows consumers to view Victoria Secret products and share them with their “Friends” via social media. Silva Kumar CEO of TheFind explains: “the way Glimpse displays products probably isn’t how a store or brand would merchandise them, but rather based on how popular they are with Facebook fans as a whole and your own friends in particular.” The Glimpse application allows Victoria Secret to capture data on the products that are engaging consumers and which products are being shared the most. The social media metrics allow Victoria Secret to adjust their merchandising, products and promotions according to customer popularity.

Welcome to Glimpse by The Find

Lessons for Others
Social Media allows companies to engage and converse with their customers in “real time” providing valuable customer data. Social Media acts like an online Consumer Focus Group, you can use the data collected to customize the way you market to your audience. Don’t underestimate the strength of social media referrals/recommendations, if the consumer is engaged enough to share your product with their “friends” this can lead to an increase in your “Fan” base and result in direct response sales.

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