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taracb    November 19, 2012

As countless studies have shown, the majority of TV viewers are multitasking online.  Viewers are now communicating on various social media platforms while they tune into their favourite show’s through Tablets, Smart Phones and Laptops.

Viggle, a free app, now pays you for the multitasking that many of us have already come accustomed to.  Viggle is a loyalty program that gives viewers real rewards for checking into TV shows that they are currently watching.   The app listens to what you are watching and automatically identifies the show.  Viewers then get points for the amount of TV they watch.    Viggle even provides bonus points for tuning into specific TV shows.  Bonus points can also be achieved through referring friends to sign up or engaging in social activities through the app.  Viggle users can then redeem their points for rewards such as, movie tickets, music, gift cards or charitable donations.

Lessons for Others:

Marketing to your customers in every context improves Branding and Social Engagement.  Viggle is helping streamline marketing through Integrated Marketing.  Viggle encourages viewers interaction with providing rewards, and it also allows the viewers to do marketing for you.  Checking in, while tuning in helps increase a TV show’s popularity, as users can see what TV shows are most popular.   What’s not to like about being paid to watch TV?!

Unfortunately, those of us in Canada must wait, as this app is still only available in the US!



Get Paid to Watch TV

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Submitted by : Tara Busse, SMBP Student University of Waterloo
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