Smart TV’s and the Diversity of Social Media

corrieabird    November 15, 2012

Technology has allowed us to increase our efficiency at being “connected”.   Whether the connection is for work or pleasure, we use computers, tablets and smart phones to have a constant “connection”.   Social Media continues to show its diversity on Smart TV’s.   Television manufacturers caught on to the social media trend several years ago and continue to develop Smart TV’s to give consumers another medium to “connect”.    The connectivity of televisions allow consumers to watch TV, browse the internet and use various internet applications.  Smart TVs are interactive, giving the consumer extensive search capability as well as more choice of programming.  While the technology of Smart TV’s is evolving, an article from Mashable states “current estimates suggest about 35 million people have an Internet connected TV”.

What is a Smart TV? What is a Google TV?

Now marketers can “connect” to consumers through traditional print and television media, mobile media and social media to continue to brand their product or service.  Smart televisions also give marketers a new opportunity to utilize video advertising.   Marketers need to keep in mind that television manufacturers have created different interfaces for their Smart TV’s and adjust their marketing accordingly.

Smart TV

Lessons for Others
Savvy marketers are continuing to find new ways to “connect” consumers to their brand using Social Media as vital tool. The Smart TV platform gives additional exposure to social media allowing a brand to increase awareness and ultimately “connect” with the consumer.

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Submitted by : Corrie Bird, SMBP Student University of Waterloo
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