Pfizer Empowers Employees – Using Social Media

corrieabird    October 3, 2012

Company Name: Pfizer

Description of how Pfizer uses social media for employee involvement & business performance

Pfizer uses social media channels to empower and engage employees in an online community called Think Science Now. The Think Science Now community allows Pfizer colleagues to work together to develop new ways to “prevent, treat and cure diseases” using social media. Pfizer also uses social media to motive and engage employees in conversation about volunteer projects for corporate sponsorship.

Pfizer recognizes the importance of social media for philanthropic initiatives as well as the importance of employee involvement for improved business performance, work organization and job satisfaction. The platform allows Pfizer employees to effectively leverage global communication between colleges.  Pfizer empowers employees to connect online to share their knowledge, ideas and for passion for their work.

Lessons for Others
Social media can be used as a cost effective tool to open the internal lines of communication which can enhance employee involvement, job satisfaction, business performance and corporate philanthropy.

Web References

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Submitted by : Corrie Bird, SMBP Student University of Waterloo

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