General Motors keeping “consumers at the center at all times” through Social Media

corykingsbury    October 13, 2012

Organization Name: General Motors (GM)

Industry: Car & Truck Manufacturer

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” There are really an opportunity to engage our consumers with their lifestyle passions. For example, music is a big pillar for Chevrolet and we offered early access to Spotify when that came out.” – CB
Example of how they use Social Media to interact with consumers, by giving them perks in their products.

“We absolutely do use content calendars, mostly from a lifestyle engagement space. We do constantly measure and optimize the way that we’re resonating with consumers.” – CB
An example of how they use Social Media to target their fan base and wants.

Charlotte Blank, Manager of Social media at GM, speaks about approaching consumers at a 360 degree angle and keeping them at the center at all times through the best tool, Social Media; in this interview with Lee Odden, she explains that one of the most important things to do, is putting yourself in the shoes of the consumer you’re trying to reach.

Pulling information I found from, customers love having the opportunity to influence the direction of companies and that’s exactly what GM is allowing their consumers to do through Social Media.

You’re welcome to view the video interview with Charlotte Blank –

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