Colgate Smiles campaign – using Social Media to measure brand commitment

Julie Kalbfleisch    March 5, 2012

Company Name – Colgate

Colgate in partnership with VML created the Colgate Smiles campaign in an effort to determine the connection the public made between a bright and beautiful smile and the Colgate brand.

Through Brand Monitoring, points of connection to the Colgate Smiles campaign were revealed and this allowed Colgate to refocus their overall brand message moving away from corporate to more of a consumer-focused message.

The central platform for the campaign was a consumer-generated content site which allowed visitors to post their own “smile” photos and stories. ( )

Measurement was based around engagement metrics for Colgate Smiles activities. Beyond the typical “just clicks” measurement researchers also looked at time spent on the site, videos created and forwarded items.

In addition, program impact was tied to traditional branding metrics like brand awareness, affinity, and purchase intent.
(Abridged from “Colgate Smiles Shared ‘round the World” in the WOMMA Case Study Library – )

Submitted by: Julie Kalbfleisch
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