Yoga studio employees and volunteers engage in social media activities to strengthen community ties, improve the customer and work experience, and to elevate social consciousness

Amy    February 6, 2012

Organization name: Moksha Yoga Hamilton

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Description of how social media is used for business performance:
Moksha Yoga Hamilton staff members participate in one of four committees, each aimed at using engagement tactics to have a greater impact on the business and in the community at large. These teams communicate, network and recruit through the use of facebook and linkedIn, and they promote their initiatives through twitter, facebook and youtube videos.

  • – A music committee uses facebook to take song requests for yoga classes, share their favorite music, recruit musicians to play live music classes and to promote open mic nights and other events.
  • – A community committee spreads the word about studio events, karma charities and fundraisers through facebook, youtube and twitter.
  • – An improvements committee increases inspiration at work by taking online feedback, creating e-newsletters and using facebook as a platform to get to know one another and share ideas.
  • – A green committee uses facebook and twitter to share green tips, collaborate on green initiatives and promote things like community gardens and contests to make our city more green.

The 4 teams compete against one another for cash prizes awarded quarterly and judging is based on innovation, creativity, impact at the studio and in the community. The teams are also encouraged to recruit new members from the studio’s customer base, their friends and family members, and from the other teams.

In order to achieve these goals, the team members use their own social media tools as well as Moksha Yoga Hamilton’s fan page to increase awareness and promote their initiatives and to grow their teams.

Lessons for other organizations
With passion, pride, and a little bit of friendly competition as the driving force, people inside an organization will enthusiastically use their own individual social media tools to become public ambassadors of your brand.

The sum of each individual’s social media reach will attract new people to your organization and events, elevate the sense of community and customer loyalty among your current client base, and strengthen the culture and values of your organization as a whole.

Submitted by: Amy Ballinger

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