The LEGO Group Uses Customer Ideas and Preferences to Develop and Launch New Products

Amy    February 13, 2012

Organization Name:  LEGO CUUSOO

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Description of how social media is used for business performance

Lego Cuusoo is a site for sharing LEGO concepts with the aim of getting them released as real products. The public can submit their own ideas, generate discussion and vote on the ideas of others to help the LEGO Group decide what to release.

The public is encouraged to share ideas for new LEGO products and then garner support for their ideas using facebook, twitter and other social media tools. A concept with 10,000 supporters may ultimately be produced by LEGO. If a concept is produced, the “idea owner” receives royalties of 1% of the product’s net sales.

Lessons for others

With the help of social media, the LEGO Group has a plan that leverages an infinite pool of creativity, originality and innovation. Through the public’s idea submissions and votes for new product development, the LEGO Group increases their innovation and gains more insight into consumer demand for products before the concept is even developed.

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