Netflix fails to communicate on Facebook

Kathryn    February 13, 2012

Organization name: Netflix

Description of social media disaster:  When Netflix announced it was raising its rates and changing its service, customers began using the Netflix Facebook wall to voice their unhappiness. Instead of using this as an opportunity to discuss with customers about upcoming changes, or to answer the concerns and complaints with clear explanations, Netflix simply answered with one ‘Thank you for your feedback’ comment. Over 11,000 comments left by angry fans went unanswered by Netflix. Without a dedicated social media team, customers were left feeling ignored and unimportant. Social media disaster!

How not to let this happen to your brand:  Always respond to customers and keep two-way communication open. Customers are less likely to be angered by changes in service when they have been engaged and involved with the process. Develop a strategic social media plan to respond to customers during times like this, including planning for resources so there is a designated contact or team to respond to customer comments, inquiries and complaints posted on social media platforms.

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