Molson Coors Canada incorporates social media into its employee engagement approach to drive performance, productivity and bottom line results.

jennifervivian    February 6, 2012

Organization name: Molson Coors Canada

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Description of how social media is used for business performance:
Molson Coors was able to significantly improve its employee engagement through its “Our Brew” program aimed at defining and communicating company values, culture, and goals to employees.  Social media plays a huge role in the “Our Brew” program by engaging and maintaining relationships with past and present employees and providing access to the resources that would otherwise have been lost to the company.  The program creates awareness of campaigns, promotions, new products, special events and provides feedback and opportunities to continue to grow the Molson-Coors brand. 

Examples of how the use of social media has encouraged
employee engagement: 
-Once, a sales representative posted some pictures of damaged Coors cases in a Canadian retail outlet on Yammer (an internal micro blogging site). Another employee saw the photos and was able to identify the production line and brewery responsible for the cases. The brewery manager investigated and then fixed the problem.
*check out this great video on Yammer for Molson Coors Employees:

-Molson Coors engaged 1100 employees through Yammer to sell “Toques” in Toronto for Raising the Roof: It resulted in a $125K being raised for the homeless, including an amazing $90K raised by Molson.

-The Every Drop, Every Ripple campaign emphasized why water matters to Molson Coors and encouraged employees to join the company in pledging to be good stewards of their personal water usage and to be mindful of the effects they leave behind.  A survey tool was created to help employees calculate how much water they use and from there employees were then invited to pledge to conserve between five and twenty percent of their water use in the coming year. The survey and pledge was then shared socially on facebook and twitter to encourage education and engagement on important water issues.

YouTube was also used to showcase Molson Coors employees say cheers to Water by passing an ice cold Coors Light across the globe:

Lessons for other organizations:
Great cultures are built by the people that live and work within an organization.  By encouraging employees and management to engage and interact using social media will help bridge the gap between the two, make communication within a company more stimulating, strengthen the culture of the organization and create brand ambassadors. 


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