Kraft uses “social listening” as a way to determine if they should enter the burger business

Julie Kalbfleisch    February 17, 2012

Organization Name: Kraft Foods; Nielson

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When Kraft started looking at the burger industry as a potential market they turned to market research powerhouse Nielson for help with engaging with their audience via “social listening” In the process they not only learned about product trends and emerging flavours but also about the life-style persona of an at-home burger eater.

Since “social listening” can be compared to “boiling the ocean” and fewer than 10% of chatter will actually include the use of the brand name, it was key to target the listening to places on the web were the audience would engage in discussions about lifestyle, health, and food. From the “chatter” it then became possible to identify themes and patterns which would allow the client to “dive deeper”. In this case Nielson was able to identify trends and in the process segment the different types of burger consumers from moms to burger aficionados.

Results of the “Deep Dive”
When Kraft focused in on conversations specifically around “sliders” or mini burgers, they found some common themes and “Positive Triggers” across audiences to help focus their thinking.

Sharability: Social networking helped highlight the fact that sliders are themselves social and are a food that is rarely consumed alone. They are more likely to be enjoyed at a social function, a happy hour or events.

Kids Love ‘Em: Parents of picky eaters found it a fun dinner option and could make an activity out preparation with their children.

Multiple Meal Satisfier: Sliders can be consumed as an appetizer, snack or light dinner. Its value as a late-night junk-food fix among students was also a factor. (source: NielsonWire, April 9, 2010)

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