Internal social media tools at IBM bring employees from 170 countries together

Amy    February 6, 2012

Organization name: IBM

Industry: Computer software, Computer hardware, IT services

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Description of how social media is used for business performance
IBM provides internal social media tools for thousands of employees in more than 170 countries and does not intervene or police their use. The IBM internal social media tools mimic twitter, facebook, wiki and a blogging platform with thousands of internal blogs. By way of these tools, information and ideas are shared, collaborations are possible and employees have more opportunities for recognition and career advancement.

Lessons for others
The use of social media tools to provide platforms for sharing ideas and information will lead to collaboration and synergy, and ultimately to more knowledge and innovation. Empower employees to do their jobs better by providing them access to these tools and then give them the freedom to express themselves.

Submitted by: Amy Ballinger

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