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gerrycall    February 19, 2012

Title of Post: Accelerating time to market and time to revenue generation.

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Industry:  Computer Network Hardware

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The Cisco Enterprise Collaboration Platform Business Unit (ECP BU) cross-functional development group included team members from program management, product management, user experience, engineering, quality assurance, and their executive sponsors. This highly integrated and networked team decided to use the comprehensive Cisco Quad® platform to form a working community to integrate their work processes, while meeting individual and group needs, essentially leveraging the same collaboration platform that it was developing in rapid iterations.

Lessons for others:

The ECP BU delivered its first major release within 12 months, a reduced product time to market that translated to an estimated $89M savings in net present value over five years. The team achieved an average 12% productivity gain per employee within the development team; the usage of Cisco Quad transformed communications by reducing email traffic by 38 percent and overall message size by 43%. The annual productivity improvement gains alone resulted in a recurring benefit of ~$2.9M per year and ~28,000 labor hours savings.

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