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gerrycall    February 19, 2012

Title of Post: Managing multiple time zones, geographies and languages to deliver new products and version releases.

Organisation Name:  CDC Software

Industry:  Computer Software

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Description of how social media is used for business performance:

To address the challenges in managing a far flung development staff, CDC Software relies on an agile product development approach that enables it to achieve aggressive market delivery targets while maintaining cost structures optimized to current economic conditions. The central part of this development methodology uses social network technologies to develop and deliver software from multiple teams in different countries. These social technologies are used at each step of the development process of the entire product life cycle, and act as a key component of the delivery process, as well as promotional activities targeted to customers and prospects.

Lessons for others:

CDC Software’s agile methodology, which uses SharePoint cloud portals and social media as its collaborative framework, has cut the time of product delivery from 24 months to 12-16 weeks. These cloud social technologies have promoted tight collaboration among their R&D offices across 14 countries. It has promoted knowledge transfer and knowledge sharing among the whole global R&D organization which delivers efficiencies in quality, product delivery times and costs.

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