Social Media’s use in crisis management

c7gordon    July 24, 2011

Organisation Name:  KFC Malaysia.

Industry: Fast Food 

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Description of how social media is used for business performance:
KFC Malaysia had a disaster on their hands when 2 videos were uploaded to YouTube showing kitchen staff tampering with food preparation.   The images from the kitchen were very disturbing and could have had a serious impact on the company.  However, KFC Malaysia used social media to confront the issue head on.  An apology from the Director of Restaurant Operations was uploaded to YouTube as well as putting the same information on a Facebook tab which also outlined the steps the company had taken to prevent the problem from happening in the future. 

Lessons for others:
I am reminded of the Maple Leaf Foods listeria outbreak in 2008, where 22 Canadians died due to contaminated meat.  Both companies showed excellent crisis management in confronting the issue head on and taking full responsibility.  While KFC Malaysia did not face a tragic outcome, their use of social media shows how important these tools can be when dealing with similar situations. 

Submitted By: Cam Gordon, David Berg, David Dawkins

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