How a Socially Responsible, Health-Focused Beverage company “Steaz” doubled sales with Social Media Tactics.

Sonia    July 22, 2011

Title of Post:  How a Socially Responsible, Health-Focused Beverage company “Steaz” doubled sales with Social Media Tactics.

Organization Name: Steaz Logo

Industry:  Organic and fair trade tea-based beverage


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Description of How Social Media is used to for business performance: 

Steaz, through the help of Chemistry, created a new presence in 1,500-plus Targets nationwide with quadrupling their shopping audience, in geographic and demographic markets where the brand was practically unknown.

They chose social media to grow their awareness for three reasons, they had an audience of dedicated moms that were social media savvy, they had a small budget to work with (a fraction of what their competitor’s budget had) and they needed “immediate” impact.

To initiate the process they sent roughly 30 sample kits and offered prizes to the moms that would make use of the kits. 

The tactics used included, internet coupons, social media marketing with Facebook, Twitter and Viralheat, they held a “Twitter party”, the founder created a socially responisbly blog, and they posted Facebook Ads.

The goal was get 50,000 coupon downloads and 1,000 new fans/follwers and the result was 250,000 coupon downloads and 3,000 new fans/followers.  They supassed their own expectations.

Lessons for the Future

In hindsight, Steaz would have prepared in advance for the increase of sales with an increase in production, they were hesitant and didn’t want to be stuck with inventory but that decision slowed a very steep growth.

Also they were not prepared for the number of bloggers that wanted reviews etc. which caused delayed in request and in turn caused frustration to the bloggers.

Lessons for others

Social media if used properly and aggressively does have the potential to drastically increase sales for small businesses.  The idea with Steaz was to use many different mediums of social media of which the Twitter Party landed the most success, that event generated 2,830 tweets in a one-hour period.  The key measurement takes hard work, but it pays off.

Submitted by:  Sonia Singh, student of University of Waterloo