Social Media as Customer Engagement – A Brand Advocacy Approach

Mirza    June 24, 2011

Danone Activia Social Media Case Study (link to YouTube video)

At a recent Silicon Valley American Marketing Association (SVAMA) event “The Next Step in Social: Beyond Listening & Engagement” at the Adobe headquarters in San Jose, CA – one of the recommendations was that “The key to energizing Word of Mouth? (is) Simply give Advocates the tools to recommend in ways that are easy, convenient, are distributable across channels.

A look at the above case study by Danone Activa’s re-launch in Slovenia to get get young women engaged and passionate about Activia drinks outlines some simple fundamentals in activating brand advocacy:

Create a social experience where your customers can contribute to the life of the brand and bring the brand to life.

Customers were encouraged to post pics, videos and descriptions of Activa to the Activa Drink to Life FB wall page.

Activa took the approach of creating an online challenge in five stages ending with the culmination of the campaign being a trip for two trekking across Indonesia

Challenge One: Describe Activa drink (think a posting by your taste buds)

Challenge Two: Draw Activa drink (think artistic impressions of the product)

Challenge Three: Activa pantomime (think pantomime videos of customers’ reenacting how they eat their Activa yogurt)

Challenge Four: Take a picture of yourself with the Activa drink

Challenge Five: Activa Cocktail party (think watermelon, mango and any other fruit and whatever yummy goodness you can blend into the yogurt in front of your cocktail mixer party)

Word of the campaign spread thru Facebook and via blogs and forums along with some help from PPC ads and offline such as TV commercials and POS signs – fans went wild….

The result – 3,749 Fans; 34,000 Page Views; 7,109 Votes; 5000 Active Users in the last week of the Competition – in effect instead of allowing Activa customers to passively watch TV commercials and see banner ads – this Facebook campaign encouraged customers to become real-life brand advocates.

As the CMO of Visa said at the SVAMA event – “Recommendations are the new advertising.”

Engaging customers, allowing them to share and promote your brands story is the best Word of Mouth possible.

To view the keynote presentation at the SVAMA event, see the video below:

“The Next Step in Social: Beyond Listening & Engagement\” Keynote (link to YouTube video)