This case study archive provides valuable, practical examples of how social media is transforming the performance of organizations today. Over 1000 cases are available here, covering most business sectors and organization types — public and private, large and small. Use of social media is discussed across the organization in most functional areas, from operations and supply chain to product development and design, marketing, customer engagement, and employee participation. Peter Carr, Director of the SMBP Programme, provides current program information:

The search function above and the category links on the right will help you navigate the archive. They provide practical examples of how organizations are using social media in many different business areas and impacting their bottom line. They will provide you with ideas and advice that you can use to improve the performance of your business.

The archive has grown since its establishment in 2011. The cases are created by participants in the University of Waterloo’s Social Media for Business Performance Certificate Program, which is delivered online over nine weeks to a global audience three times per year. Hundreds of people have contributed case content and the archive continues to grow. Contact us for details about how you can join the program or if you would like to discuss the work that your organization is doing.