Social media can be applied throughout organisations to enable performance to be improved and business models to be transformed. In the Fourth Industrial Revolution, organisations need to innovate in response to rapidly changing markets and technologies. This case study archive has been created by participants in the Social Media for Business Performance Certificate Program, delivered online from the University of Waterloo, which commenced in 2011 and continued until it ended in 2018. There are over 1500 cases in the archive, created by hundreds of participants in our program. The cases will help you with your own application of social media in your organisation.

The archive shows how social media can be used for improving employee participation, engaging customers and marketing, in product development and design and in operations and supply chain areas. Cases describe how organisations measure their application of technology, integrate collaboration across the organisation and imagine how we might use social media based technologies to improve business performance in the future.

This case study archive provides valuable, practical examples of how social media is transforming the performance of organizations today.

The search function above and the category links on the right will help you navigate the archive. If you would like to discuss the work that your organization is doing, email Peter Carr at pdcarr@uwaterloo.ca.