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A future with mobile access to everything, but at what cost?

C. Laughren   July 16, 2015
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Web references: IABC,  CNBC,  Forbes,  Tech Republic It’s become so easy. We just slip them into our pocket or bag, and off we go without a second thought. We’re constantly connected to friends, family and frequently our work. Tweets, posts, emails, pictures, video clips, calls – all allow us to remain up-to-date, get things done, and find information quickly, at… Read more »

Key Topics for The Future of Social Media

i_hub_com   March 24, 2013

Irrespective of your experiences to date, Social Media is here to stay and is expected to continue to transform the way in which commerce and human relations are transacted. During the Social Media evolution many key discussion areas have materialized as hot topics drawing significant interest regarding the future trajectory of Social Media from iconic institutions such as the United Nations, The… Read more »