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The advent of social media opened so many doors for businesses. It also brought about opportunities to build new doors or alter the old ones. Product innovation has changed rapidly in recent years, as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest exploded to become the social media titans they are now. Brands are becoming more and more daring with their innovation initiatives, bringing about bolder and bigger campaigns every year. Kalypso notes that many of the companies they polled on the topic don’t use it for sweeping changes or big projects – it would seem many companies are just dipping their foot in to test the water. Or maybe they are waiting to see how their peers succeed and/or fail?  

By now, we all know just how powerful social media is. One false move and a company can be in big trouble. On the flip side, if a company comes up with a way to use social media as a way to engage customers, it can mean major success. Whether it’s day-to-day, or for a national campaign, these days, it’s all about customer engagement. And, boy, did Lay’s hit the nail on the head with their Do Us A Flavour Contest.  

Do Us a Flavour and Win $50,000

jreed   February 27, 2013

What do you get when you cross Canadians with potato chips and add money? Lay’s is banking on it creating the next great chip flavour. The Lay’s® Canada Do Us A Flavour™ Contest premise is that consumers submit a new flavour of potato chip with up to 3 ingredients, what inspired the combination and the name of their inspired flavour…. Read more »