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Social Media Metrics can be used to benefit virtually any business, but are even more beneficial for small businesses and those in the early stages of growth and establishing themselves. Metrics help to illustrate and clarify which aspects of the business are gathering the best response and most traffic over various social media platforms. This allows marketers to select and focus more attention on the platforms that are getting the best response rate, to keep doing what’s working, and to improve upon what’s not.

Content is King but Quality is the Throne

Tabatha Laverty   March 8, 2015

Organization Name: Nerd Fitness Industry: Fitness/Health and Wellness Web References: Nerd Fitness, Content Marketing Institute, Fizzle, Hack the System Content is King but Quality is the Throne Fire and gasoline – a great metaphor for the relationship between digital content and social media. Over the past few years, an increasing number of organizations have incorporated content marketing tactics into their overall marketing strategies…. Read more »

Social Media for Higher Education: Ontario Veterinary College connects students and stakeholders through ‘The Externship Blog Project 2014’

Jane Dawkins   October 15, 2014

Organization name:  Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph Who they are: As a founding college of the University of Guelph and one of the earliest established Veterinary Medical Colleges in North America, the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) is a world leader in veterinary health care, learning and research – for the health of all species, including our own. Company Contact:… Read more »