Customer Engagement

For most businesses today, creating an ongoing relationship, in which multiple sales are made, is part of their business strategy. Customer engagement is based on the idea that simply focusing efforts with customers on the immediate sale that you are trying to make may not always be the best way to create an ongoing sales relationship with the buyer. Rather, engagement over time may create a stronger relationship with greater organizational benefits.

Customer engagement is seen as being a critical element in their marketing activity by many organizations today. This is because customer behaviour has changed significantly over the past decade, and because more opportunities now exist to create positive engagement activities using social media than in the past.

Social Media Meets Social Responsibility

mwindover   June 10, 2015

Organization name: Burton Snowboards Web references: Burton Snowboards, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snowboarder Magazine, Ignite Social Media, Anvil Media, David Dawson Brooks Industry: sports equipment and apparel Name of contact, if available: Mike Rees, CEO Chomping at the big 4-0, Burton Snowboards is a powerhouse in the boarding industry. In the company’s first years, starting in 1977, founder Jake Burton… Read more »

So Yeah, We Tried Slack

kturriff   June 10, 2015

Organization : slack Industry : Software Development – Collaboration Web references : A few months ago , our operations team was tasked with looking at tools that could help achieve 3 key initiatives: knowledge sharing, collaboration & efficiency.  I work for and accounting firm and it was the middle of tax season. Email inboxes were filling up, we weren’t having trouble communicating… Read more »

Pizza with a Promise: Delivery Not Always Included

C. Laughren   June 10, 2015

    Organization: Pizza Pizza Industry: Food Services Web references:, Facebook, Twitter,, Loyalty lost One March evening, Christine C., a resident of Kitchener, Ontario, decided to order pizza for her family. She chose Pizza Pizza, a favourite pizza place, during their free movie deal promotion. It was a win-win for her family with pizza that night and… Read more »

Seeing Through The Mountain

tlittle   June 10, 2015

Organization Name: Mountain Equipment Co-operative (MEC) Industry: Retail (Canadian consumers’ co-operative, selling outdoor equipment and clothing) Web References: MEC Website, MEC Facebook, MEC Twitter,  MEC YouTube MEC Flickr,  MEC google+, MEC Blog, social media explorer,  Chron , social zoom factor Description: While MEC may prepare patrons for some wild offline adventures in remote locations, it first needs to reach customers online. Taking… Read more »

Social Media Makes Cosmetics Queen

psegura   June 10, 2015

  Organisation Name:  It Cosmetics Web References: Industry:  Health and Beauty Name of Contact:  Jamie Kern Lima, Co-founder Web References:,,,,,, Description of how social media is used for business performance Even though she is only in her 30s, Jamie Kern Lima is a rich woman.   But it wasn’t always so.  In 2008,… Read more »

Afghanistan: not all bad news!

Syed Waqar   June 10, 2015

Title: Afghanistan – not all bad news! Organization: Afghan Zariza Industry: Online and print magazine Name of contact: Zafar Mehdi, Editor (,, Web references:,,,, Background In November 2013, Afghan Zariza (Millennium), a first-of-its-kind news and current affairs magazine was born in Afghanistan, seeking to provide cutting-edge reporting while redefining journalism in the war-ravaged… Read more »

The MexiCan and MexiCan’ts in the fast food world

MGardiner   June 9, 2015

Organisation Name: Chipotle Mexican Grill Industry: Fast Food  Name of contact if available:  Steve Ells, Founder Web references:,,,,, Company Overview: Chipotle started out as a small idea from a man named Steve Ells. After completing his education at the Culinary Institute of America, Steve saw the potential in selling low priced Mexican cuisine. The first… Read more »

Panasonic customers saw the light

Paul   June 9, 2015

Organization Name: Panasonic Corporation Industry: Electronics CEO: Kazuhiro Tsuga Web References: allBusiness Experts, Coschedule, Cut Out The Darkness, Panasonic Do you feel like buying something? Not just that cup of coffee, but how about buying the deeper satisfaction you get when you see an eco tag on the cup that contains the coffee? A connection is made at the emotional level. Companies want your… Read more »

Espresso Manifesto – Waking up your customer.

PaulaSinton   June 9, 2015

Company Name: Espresso Manifesto – Website Industry: Event Management Founder: Daniela Nardi Espresso Manifesto was born out the personal passion of Canadian Jazz artist, Daniela Nardi, to inspire awareness of her Italian cultural roots though live musical performance and speaking events. See Video: Espresso Manifesto for a glimpse of the projects’ essence and message. “Italian music, art and culture are well known and loved… Read more »

KLM’s Meet & Seat Taking Social Media to Dizzying New Heights

Bri Murphy   June 9, 2015

KLM’s Meet & Seat lets you find out about interesting people who will be on board your KLM flight such as other passengers attending the same event as you at your destination. Simply share your Facebook or LinkedIn profile details to check other participating passengers’ details and where they’ll be sitting. Of course you can also choose your seat. –KLM

Refreshing Ideas, Real Results. Juice and Social Media Metrics.

lfodor   February 28, 2015

Organization Name:   Juice Inc. Industry:  Business Management Consultants Name of contact if available:   Lara Hall, Director of Marketing; Lindsey McCaffren, Content Developer & Writer; Brady Wilson, Co-Founder Web references:   Juice Inc. Blog, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn Description of how social media is used for business performance: Juice Inc., located in Guelph, Ontario is a corporate training company that believes energized and engaged employees fuel great customer… Read more »

Chaordix: engage with your brand fans, wherever they are!

tmacmillan   February 17, 2015

Title: Engage with your brand fans, wherever they are! Organization Name: Chaordix (kay-or-dix) Industry: Crowdsourcing Technology Company Name of Contact: Rob Dawson, VP, Marketing and Strategic Services Web References: Cambrian House  Chaordix Chaordix Announces Napkin Labs Acquisition Calgary Herald, Start-up of the week, Chaordix About Chaordix Cambrian House, a Calgary-based start-up launched in 2006 and developed a strong crowdsourcing community. The crowdsourcing… Read more »

Social media helps reduce the amount of trash at the curb in the UK

CRS   February 16, 2015

Organisation name: Love Food Hate Waste Campaign by WRAP Industry: Not-for-profit Name of contact: Dr. Liz Goodwin, CEO Web references: Love Food Hate Waste,  WRAP, Twitter LFHW UK, You Tube,  West London LFHW Case Study,  Podcast directory.   About Love Food Hate Waste The Love Food Hate Waste campaign was developed in the UK by the non-profit organization WRAP.  According… Read more »

From Vine to Bottle – La Crema Ventures Into Crowdsourcing

lfodor   February 15, 2015
la crema wine

Organization Name:  La Crema Winery Industry:  Wine Name of contact if available:  Mark Gordon, Senior Digital Communications Manager, Jackson Family Wines Web references:  La Crema, Amarillo Globe News, The Press Democrat , La Crema Virtual Vintner Sweepstakes Description of how social media is used for business performance: Do you dream of becoming a winemaker? If you have always wanted to make your… Read more »

FedEx uses Intragram to Show Global Reach and Inspire

Debra L. Beck   February 9, 2015

Organization name: FedEx Industry: Air Courier Services, Shipping Web references: FedEx on Instagram, Five B2B Intragram Feeds to Emulate Description of how social media is used for business performance In early December 2014, Instagram announced they now have more than 300 million monthly users, readily topping the 288 million active Twitter users, as reported earlier this month. Early adopters of Instagram were… Read more »

Whole Foods Social Media Program – Customer Engagement Game Changer

cregan   February 9, 2015

Organization Name:    Whole Foods Market Name of contact: Natanya Anderson, Director of Social Media and Digital Marketing Web References:  Whole Foods Market Description on how Social Media is used for business Performance: Social Media is creating a paradigm shift in the way companies are engaging with their customers. Prior to Social Media, companies controlled their customer interaction through channels… Read more »

How Maersk Line Uses Social Media to Create Transprency and Engage Customers

Paul Fendley   February 8, 2015

Organisation Name: Maersk Line Industry: Container Shipping Name of contact if available: Soren Skou, CEO Web references: When a shipping company creates transparency, empowerment and engagement through social media: the case of Maersk Line, Maersk Line Company Background Maersk Line is a Danish container shipping company started in 1928 with 25,000 employees and operations in 125 countries, Description of how social media is used for… Read more »

Indigo: Making Connections. Creating Experiences.

Paige Mahoney-Nagle   February 8, 2015

Organization Name: Indigo Industry: Retail, Online Retail Name of Contact: Heather Reisman CEO Web References: Indigo, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Globe and Mail, CBC Established in 1996 with a vision of being a booklovers’ cultural department store, Indigo opened it’s first store in Burlington, Ontario in 1997. Growing from there it merged with Chapters in 2001 to become the largest… Read more »

The Beat Goes On Taking In-Store Customer Engagement to Social Media

cmuss   February 8, 2015

Organisation Name: The Beat Goes On Industry: Retail Name of Contact: David Black,Field Operative & Social Media Manager Web references: The Beat Goes On Description of how social media is used for business performance The Beat Goes On has been selling used and new CDs, DVDs and video games since 1991. Headquartered in Kitchener, Ontario, The Beat Goes On has… Read more »

Olive Garden test drives social media

Marilyn   February 8, 2015

Organization Name:  Olive Garden Industry:  Hospitality/Food Name of Contact if Available:  N/A Company Overview: The Olive Garden has more than 800 restaurants, 96,000 employees, and approximately $3.6 billion in annual sales. It is a division of Darden Restaurants Inc., which owns and operates more than 2,100 restaurants. Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, Darden employs more than 200,000 people across its restaurant… Read more »

5 Customer Engagement Lessons from Old Spice

Alicia Bedard   February 8, 2015
Old Spice Man with 'I'm on an Internet" tagline.

Organization Name: Old Spice Industry: Grooming, personal care, personal hygiene Name of contact if available: N/A Web references: Old Spice, Procter and Gamble, New York Times, Wikipedia, D&AD, Wieden+Kennedy   Description of how social media is used for business performance: The Old Spice Story The grooming and personal care industry is extremely saturated and highly competitive. When you walk down the… Read more »

Icelandair uses wit, humour, and a planeload of platforms to connect with customers

mirko   February 8, 2015
Icelandair logo

Organization name: Icelandair Industry: Airline Web references: Icelandair, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, annual report, Brilliant Online Marketing  How social media is used for business performance: My wife has been captivated by Icelandair’s social media offerings lately. She regularly nudges me to peek at her laptop screen to check out an online marketing campaign or a clever tweet by… Read more »

Coca-Cola’s FAT & FERTILE ideas

yoshdrp   February 7, 2015

Title of Post: Coca-Cola’s FAT & FERTILE ideas Organisation Name: The Coca-Cola Company Industry: Beverage Name of Contact: N/A Web References: Coca Cola: About Us Coke raises over $ 2 million to save polar bears Coca-Cola Leveraging Social to Drive Leadership in Social Media Marketing Coca-Cola’s Content 2020 Initiative Strategy  Forbes: Secrets of Engaging Customers in Online Communities Our lives continue to… Read more »

McDonald’s is a #McFail When it Comes To #McDStories

Cristina Avila   February 7, 2015

Organization Name: Mc Donald’s Industry: Food Service Name of Contact: Rick Wion, (Former) Director of Social Media, McDonald’s Corporation Web References: McDonald’s Twitter, Business Insider, Forbes Magazine, The Next Web and PR Daily Description of How Social Media is Used for Business Performance: In January 2012, McDonald’s deployed a series of YouTube videos drawing attention to the company’s freshness guarantee…. Read more »

Customer Engagement ‘is’ Kickstarter

michaelaris   February 6, 2015

Customer Engagement ‘is’ Kickstarter Organization Name: Kickstarter Industry: Crowdfunding Services Name of contact: Perry Chen, Founder, Kickstarter Yancey Strickler, Founder, Kickstarter Charles Adler, Founder, Kickstarter Web references: Kickstarter Formlabs Company Overview:   Born in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn, New York – Kickstarter officially launched on April 28th, 2009 by founders Perry Chen, Yancey Strickler and Charles Adler with the artist world in… Read more »