Customer Engagement

For most businesses today, creating an ongoing relationship, in which multiple sales are made, is part of their business strategy. Customer engagement is based on the idea that simply focusing efforts with customers on the immediate sale that you are trying to make may not always be the best way to create an ongoing sales relationship with the buyer. Rather, engagement over time may create a stronger relationship with greater organizational benefits.

Customer engagement is seen as being a critical element in their marketing activity by many organizations today. This is because customer behaviour has changed significantly over the past decade, and because more opportunities now exist to create positive engagement activities using social media than in the past.

Doing Social Media Right – A Taco Bell Story

nantic   October 14, 2015

Title of Post: Doing Social Media Right – A Taco Bell Story Organization Name: Taco Bell (subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc.) Industry: Fast Food Web reference:,,,, Description of how social media is used for business performance: Using social media outlets to review products and services is a great way to for a company to figure… Read more »

Engaging customers on the heals of scandal.

Lisa Taylor   October 14, 2015

Organization Name: Volkswagen Industry: Automotive Contact: None Web References: Forbes 10 Tips for Reputation and Crisis Management, VW Scandal increases social media following, VW Plans improved customer engagement, As the VW Scandal deepens…, You Tube Volkswagen USA, Facebook Volkswagen USA, Forum – Volkswagen Owners Club – What comes next, Volksworld, University of WV discovers emissions problems In the wake of… Read more »

5 Ways @TELUS is Winning #Socialmedia

Siddiqi   October 14, 2015

Title of Post: 5 Ways @TELUS is Winning #SocialMedia Organisation: TELUS Communications Company Industry: Telecommunications Name of CEO: Darren Entwistle Web References: About CEO; Customer Satisfaction; J.D. Power & Associates; TELUS Survey; Twitter; TELUS Branding; Facebook; Bell Facebook; Rogers Facebook; Rogers Helps Twitter; Telecom Dividends Comparison; Quebec Language Act; TELUS Forums; soundcloud; TELUS Blog; Matthew Latkiewicz; Engagement Style; Youtube Channel Customer Engagement Through… Read more »

GoPro goes Social

SCapling   October 14, 2015
GoPro skydiving guiness record image 3

Organization name: GoPro Industry: Consumer photography & videography Contact name: Nick Woodman – CEO/Founder,  Adam Dornbusch – Senior Director of Content Distribution, Andrew Shipp – Social Media Manager Web references: Wikipedia, INQUISITR , NY Daily News, YouTube, Fast Company , Simply Measured , Small Business Trends About GoPro An American manufacturer of action cameras used in extreme action videography, this San Francisco based company was founded in 2002 by Nick Woodman (formerly Woodman… Read more »

Patagonia’s Authentic self: The Building of Trust and Reputation

m234ali   October 13, 2015

Organization Name: Patagonia Industry: Retail Web References: What Social Media Marketers can learn from Patagonia, Patagonia’s anti-Black Friday Campaign urges Customers to Repair Worn Clothing, Patagonia: Lessons from a Pioneer in Responsible Business Founded by Yvon Chouinard in 1972, Patagonia, Inc. is a California-based clothing company that sells high-end outdoor gear and clothing.  It all started when Chouinard discovered he… Read more »

With Unorthodox Approach to Social Media, Starbucks Engages Their Customers in a Unique Way.

Forrester Hinds   October 13, 2015

Organisation name: Starbucks Website: Industry: Designer caffeinated drinks. Want to create a positive social media interaction for every customer? Starbucks should be your model. Being one of the first companies to adopt social media as a form of communication with consumers, Starbucks is no beginner at using the various social platforms at our disposal today. Whether they use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,… Read more »

GoPro Customers Are Their Best Salespeople

stephanie   October 13, 2015

Company Name: GoPro Industry: Action Cameras Web references: Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Shorty Awards, Econsultancy, Wikipedia, INC GoPro is a household name in the camera industry. It has grown from founder Nick Woodman’s desire to capture quality pictures him surfing to an international company that boosts revenue of $985.73 million in 2013. The success of this brand has stemmed from people’s desire to share their adventures… Read more »

Social engagement is all the rAVe for this AV news organization

ASeymour   October 13, 2015

Industry: AV Industry Contact: Gary Kayye, founder, rAVe Publications, teaches New Media Technologies and Its Impact on the Future of Advertising, Marketing and PR and the Branding of Me at the University of North Carolina Web references:  UNC School of Media and Journalism, rAVepubs, Twitter, rAVe Social Media Blueprint, We Are Social, 100 Customer Service Statistics You Need to Know, YouTube Few marketing tools… Read more »

SAP – Customer Engagement through the Development Network brings employees and customers together

pchatter   October 13, 2015

Organization Name: SAP SE Industry: Software Web References:  Company Website Twitter SAP SE is a German software company based out of Waldorf, Germany with customers all over the world. SAP deals in the space of Enterprise Software, which allows organizations to manage their customers and business relations. With over 293,500 customers in over 190 countries, managing customer relationships and ensuring that… Read more »

How Mother Nature Forced KLM Into Social Media

DanielleB   October 13, 2015

Title of Post: How Mother Nature Forced KLM Into Social Media Organization Name: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Industry: Airline Web references: British Geological Survey,,,, Description As social media channels started gaining popularity, KLM began looking into how the technology could be used in their business. They were experimenting with different strategies and techniques, then, in April 2010, a volcanic eruption… Read more »

Charity: Water is on the rise thanks to customer engagement

ekastner   October 13, 2015

Title of Post: Charity: Water is on the rise thanks to customer engagement Organization: Charity: Water Industry: Non-profit CEO: Scott Harrison Web references: Charity: Water, Twitter, Instagram, Top Rank Blog, Community Organizer, Entre Leadership Undoubtedly one of the most successful social media stories of the last decade belongs to Charity: Water. The New York City based non-profit organization consistently shows… Read more »

T-Mobile uses social media to provide great customer service.

Tania   October 13, 2015

Organisation Name : T-Mobile Industry: Phone Company Web References: Brand Embassy  Social Media Forum Blog on T-Mobiles customer service 3 brands that use social media in customer service to boost happiness 10 global brands with best customer service on facebook T-Mobile Who they are: T-Mobile USA is a national provider of wireless voice, messaging, and data services capable of reaching… Read more »

How Starbucks Engages with its Customers

Meg Walsh   October 13, 2015

Organization name: Starbucks Industry: Coffee Company The way an organization communicates and interacts with their customers is a very delicate process, especially in this day in age with social media. Word is now spreading quicker than ever and one little mistake can ruin a whole organizations reputation. If the risk is so great, why are companies communicating with their customers… Read more »

ANZ Bank – how smart Social Media strategy builds customer engagement

j2condon   October 13, 2015

Organization Name :  Australia and New Zealand Banking Group  (  ANZ ) Industry :   Financial Institution / Banking Industry Web References :,,,, About ANZ Founded in 1835, ANZ Banking Group is a publicly traded company based in Melbourne managing assets of AU$772 billion.  It is one of the five largest companies in Australia and the… Read more »

Bomb Threats, An Airline and Social Media

Lynn Jeffries   October 12, 2015

Organization: WestJet Airlines Industry: Aviation Contact:Vice-President, Communications and Community Relations Richard Bartrem Resources: Twitter, WestJet Website, Facebook, YouTube Wikipedia What does an airline do when they receive 5 hoax bomb threats over a 4 day period? If you’re WestJet  you engage your customers on social media.   Historically when it comes to bomb threats and aviation, traditional media is cautious with information that is released… Read more »

LED Manufacturer CREE Enlightens Customers with Social Media Campaigns

kcress   October 12, 2015

Organization Name: Cree Industry: Commercial and Consumer Lighting Name of Contact: Charles M. Swoboda, CEO Web References: Social Media Examiner, Social Notz, Top Rank Blog, Mashable, BtB Marketing Agency, SoundCloud From SiC to LED:  About Cree Almost 30 years ago, Cree Lighting (NASDAQ:CREE) was founded in Wisconsin. Cree’s primary business focused on developing silicon carbide (SiC) materials that provided that provided high-efficiency performance… Read more »

Nintendo’s Social Media Hits and Misses

David_Pearson   October 12, 2015

Company: Nintendo Industry: Video Games Web References: Nintendo, Twitter, Facebook, Company History Nintendo is a multinational company with Japanese roots that was founded in 1889. In their first 67 years Nintendo was primarily a playing card company. Nintendo has also experimented with toy making, a TV network, a food company and even operating a chain of Japanese Love Hotels. What… Read more »

Make a Smellmitment!

Ken Lupton   October 12, 2015

Organization Name: Old Spice Industry: Retail Web references:,,,,, Although it smells too good to be true, Old Spice’s Social media and YouTube “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” campaign has not only increased sales by the tune of 107%,  but has also gained more then 236 million YouTube views. With 6 million YouTube views… Read more »

A New Frontier: Customer Engagement in the Pharmaceutical Industry

lwarburt   October 11, 2015

Title of Post: A New Frontier: Customer Engagement in the Pharmaceutical Industry Industry: Pharmaceuticals Web References: Wikepedia, Health Canada, Pharmaceutical Advertising  Advisory Board,Youtube,Twitter, Boehringer Ingelheim ,Olgilvy Healthworld, Sound Cloud Galderma, Instagram It may seem like an oxymoron to include customer engagement and strategic business management  in the same sentence to achieve a united goal, and in no other sector may this seem more apparent… Read more »

Home Depot Makes You Shine *Limited Time Offer

FBatarse   October 11, 2015
Social HD

Organisation Name: Home Depot Industry: Home Hardware, Construction, DIY Web Reference: Home Depot, HD Media Relations, Clickz Review, Social Success, AdAge What is the Home Depot Doing? In an effort to empower its cliental, the Home Depot has experimented with various points of attraction. Stuff the competition was slow to react on, in the business world its known that being pro-active will… Read more »

I wish I could be a man and be part of the Frank & Oak Community

Jessica   October 9, 2015

Organisation Name: Frank & Oak Industry: Online retail Web references:,,, Have you already heard about Frank & Oak? If not, the only possible reason is that you are not a man between 20 and 35. This Montreal-based menswear brand is one of Canada’s fastest growing retailers and one of the most successful and innovative brands over… Read more »

Employee Involvement: The Home Depot Way

bmfwong   October 7, 2015

  Organisation Name: The Home Depot Industry: Retail References: The Home Depot, Forbes, Team Depot, Babson College Background From the start, the Home Depot made a strategic decision to do a long-term approach by training its employees to form enduring customer relationships rather than push for incremental sales gains. As a result, the Home Depot grew very quickly becoming the fastest retailer in history to reach sales milestones… Read more »

Can you fight obesity and drink Coca-Cola at the same time?

Fgo   June 15, 2015

Organization Name: Industry: Beverages Name of Contact: The Coca-Cola Company P.O. Box 1734 Atlanta, GA 30301 Attn: Industry and Consumer Affairs (404) 676-2121 Web References:,,,,,, and Coke official channels on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram. Can you fight obesity and drink Coca-Cola at the same time? Writing about customer engagement for a product like smart phones or… Read more »