Vitamin Water’s bold contest

carlacalderon    June 11, 2018

J. Darius Bikoff was brilliant. He was a random guy in New York City, who enjoyed being active and one day combining water and some vitamic C gave him what would turn out to be a brilliant idea, Vitamin Water! Vitamin water is now sold under the glacéau vitaminwater® mostly known as Vitamin Water. It is sold in over 20 countries and new products and flavours are developed often.

Glacier Vitamin Water had an active facebook page, some say ” The vitamin water Facebook Page is one of the most actively managed brand pages on all of Facebook” [1] and they decided to put together a contest to give “fans” an opportunity to design a Vitamin Water flavour. There were over 2 MILLION people that participated in the opportunity to design the flavour, the bottle and the name. The winner, Sarah from Illinois was awarded the grand prize of $5,000.

Vitamin Water was already popular before this contest, however their ability to draw feedback from their “fans” enabled them to add a new ingredient “caffeine” to the water and also to understand who their main customer base was by reviewing the big data as a result of the participants.

Lessons for Others

I think it is always captivating to see an organization or a brand be a trail blazer in an attempt at something new. I am sure we can all remember staple brands of potato chips and ice creams asking fans for the next big flavour. But in 2010, Vitamin water took a big leap in allowing (and narrowing) their over a million participants and fans to find a reasonable (both in taste and selling ability) product to them market. Connect water is the result of that effort.

Organization: Vitamin Water
Industry: Beverages
Name of Organization Contact: Darius Bikoff, Founder

Authored by: Carla Calderon

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